Natural Hair Care Starter Kit

Natural Hair Care Starter Kit

Natural Hair Care Starter Kit

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Description Get started in the right way with all of your natural hair care needs.

Our Natural Hair Starter Kit contains:

Butta Butta Cream. This is the #1 solution for soft and manageable hair.

Pumpkin Hair Serum. Pumpkin Hair Serum has been specially formulated to stimulate hair growth, repair, and mend split ends.

Coconut-infused detangling comb. Our comb has been infused with coconut oil to glide through your natural hair with ease. Our coconut-infused comb is ideal for thick hair and won't pull or tug on your hair. It can be used inside the shower or out.

Reusable shower cap. PERFECT for deep conditioning and hair treatments.

Alligator clips. These make it EASY to section your hair for treatments and detangling.

Adjustable water spray bottle. Hydration for your coil and curls.