Natural Hair Starter Kit

Natural Hair Starter Kit

Natural Hair Starter Kit

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Get started in the right way with all of your natural hair care needs. 

>>4oz jar of Butta Butta Cream. This is the #1 solution for soft and manageable hair.

>>10 clear plastic shower caps, PERFECT for deep conditioning and hair treatments.

>>6 alligator clips. These make it EASY to section your hair for treatments and detangling.

>>1 adjustable water spray bottle for hydrating your hair during the week. 

>>1 smooth in-shower detangling comb. This comb is ideal because the smooth finish won't pull or tug your hair. It can be used inside the shower or out.

This hair care starter kit is going to save you time because it’s already done for you!



New Product Staple

I’ve been using Butta Butta Cream for a few weeks now and feel this is a new staple for me. I’ve had less breakage since using Butta Butta Cream and my hair is easier to detangle on wash day which is a huge plus in my book. Thanks for making a great product!

My Hair is Soft and Supple

I use Butta Butta Cream to keep my hair moisturized while I wear protective styles. When I take my hair down my hair is soft and supple. I started using Butta Butta on my boys’ hair to see if it would make a difference in their sponge style and surprisingly it has! Their hair doesn’t catch or get pulled out by the sponge… which means no more complaints when I style their hair in the morning.

Love Love Love this Product

Butta Butta Cream Hair Moisturizer is awesome - my hair loves it. I love the smell, love the way it makes my hair feel and the ingredients are love love this product! Definitely give it a try.