Our Story

Patrina - Natural Hair Queen Founder and CEOHi I'm Patrina Haupt the Founder & CEO of Natural Hair Queen.
To think it all started with the frustration of dry hair and now Natural Hair Queen is on a mission to provide healthy moisturizing hair care products. 

We believe in celebrating natural hair in all of its glory. Good hair is healthy hair!

Made by a black woman for black women. We take pride in making moisturizing products that work and won’t harm your health or body.

Each and every product is made and shipped by us. We do this to ensure quality is to our standards and that you receive your product in a timely manner.

Natural Hair Queen is a family run business. My husband and my two boys and I all work together to create the lovely products you see today.
When you support Natural Hair Queen, you’re not only supporting a family but a community of Black women, who all share the same goal to not only have hair that looks great but to have the best version of their hair.

About the founder: Hi I’m Patrina I’ve been natural for 12 years and have been educating myself on healthy hair care practices and products to make my type 4 hair: soft, manageable, and to grow. My hair started at earlobe length and is now waist length.

During the learning process and my own hair struggles, I created and began using an amazing product called  Butta Butta Cream which grew my hair and provided it with the vitamins and minerals it needed to flourish.

While on my quest to healthier hair,  I became a healthy hair coach to the women and children within my community.

My journey didn’t start out in the natural hair world, I’m also a Public Health Researcher. Which is why I’m drawn to how things work and their connection to health. It's my duty to make sure my products never cause any harm to you or your little ones.


We love you, our customers, from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to do what we love!

Stay Natural,

Patrina – Founder & CEO
(and the Natural Hair Queen family)


Natural Hair Queen family photo